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New Beginnings

This week my family discussed Genesis. We talked mainly about new beginnings.

To me God started every day of creation with a new beginning and it was good. We discussed how there are new beginnings throughout Genesis and the whole bible.

What spoke to me most is that everyday can be a new beginning. The decision to wake up one day and go to the gym or maybe its totally life changing like attending your first AA meeting or quitting a job that is sucking the life out of you. Whatever it may be, every day you wake up with breath in your lungs there is a chance for a new beginning. It is never too late to start something new or challenging.

I know my Family has gone through many new beginnings and a lot of them have stemmed from a negative situation. One instance we discussed was when my oldest daughter B was going on inappropriate websites instead of doing her home work. Things were boiling over with her to begin with when she had over 13 zeros and was disrespectful. At the time I was under a lot of stress at work and she had said that she was working on her home work for 8 hours and finished like 2 assignments. When I looked and found what she was doing I lost it and smashed her computer. We were on a downward spiral closing in on the ground fast. But then God stepped in and gave us some intense home therapy that I am happy to say has been working. B and L are Both adopted and were in the foster system for most of their lives. I don't even know how my wife found it but we both thought our relationship with B was over and the adoption failed. But God had Other plans and interjected to saved us all. We are still on the mend and we still have our moments but since then I have left my Job that was causing more harm than good and our family has received some much needed therapy. We asked for help and God answered in a big way!

We also have a special needs son With Kabuki Syndrome. We didn't didn't know this when we adopted him. We found out after a month long stint in the hospital when is he was less than a year old . Truth be told that hospital visit saved his life and helped him become the loving little boy we have now. My Wife W is amazing. like I said earlier she found the therapy that helped us to start healing as a family. She did all this research and joined all these groups to learn everything she could and to share whatever she learned. Not just for Kabuki Kids but for foster kids adopted kids, and people who have lost their homes to fires. If someone needs something for a child she always seems to know where to get it or find away to help whoever it is. She never asks for anything in return and just connects people with the connections they need.

None of this would have happened if we did not become foster parents and adopt a special needs child. God is working through her all the time. She turned our news of having a special needs kid into to something amazing that helps others. God is Great!

As our Bible time often does we get off of topic and start talking about other things. Today we talked about how God wanted me out of the industry that I was in and how there were signs. But instead of understanding those signs I just jumped ship to another company that does the same thing. That was not in Gods plan. God let me have it but then made it very clear that it is not where I belong. I told the Girls that God said be careful for what you pray for you just might get it. He gave me exactly what I needed though and this time I heard him loud and clear. I have since quit my Job and heal as a person. I am starting my own business and hopefully i will earn how to do Gods work along the way

Gods plan doesn't always align with our own and there will always be Lessons to learn along the way. God has us make mistakes to learn from them, God Gives us experiences so we are more aware and to help others. God is always Working on us. We are Gods creation that He continuously Molds. It is Never to late for new beginning as long as you still have air in your lungs. God will provide for you and lead the way!

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